Probably the most popular dinosaurs ever! 🙂
Tyrannosaurus was also one of the biggest theropods ever!
Tyrannosaurus grew up to 12 metres long and probably weighed around 5 or 6 tonnes.

  1. Cristi said:

    UCMP137538 was 15 meters long and he is bigger than Sue and is a male, or, whe don’t know. Sue Hendrickson discovered a T-Rex, and he named it Sue. Sue: 12.8 meters long, UCMP137538: 15.2 meters long.

    • correct i did not know there was a bigger specimen though.. 🙂

      • Cristi said:

        Well, yeah! All the time i think Sue was the largest T-Rex, Now they found another T-Rexes and they are more bigger than Sue!

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