Giganotosaurus was one of the biggest theropod dinosaurs ever.

its was 14 meters long and probably weighed about 7 tones or more. Yes thats right Giganotosaurus is BIGGER  than  Tyrannosaurus 😀 🙂   but only by a bit. in fact Tyrannosaurus would probably win against Giganotosaurus. first reason if Giganotosaurus bit T-rex it would hurt alot but it wouldnt kill T-rex but if T-rex bit Giganotosaurus it would kill Giganotosaurus. Because T-rex had a stronger bite  force and was stronger.  Just remember these to giants never met or fighted 🙂

  1. Cristi said:

    Yeah! Geologicaly T-Rex is stronger and faster than a Giganotosaurus Carollini.

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